Outdoor Adventure Activities in Snowdonia this Easter

Looking for Activities in North Wales this Easter?

If you’re looking for something to do whilst visiting North Wales this Easter then coming out with us for a day of adventure activities is really enjoyable and memorable experience.

Activities for the Adventurous

We offer activities that suit all ages and abilities. If you’re up for a real adventure then the activity you should be looking at is our Canyon Xtreme Trip. This trip follows the same part of the river as the normal canyon trip but continues on for an extra hour of adrenalin, a slide off a waterfall, optional jumps up to 45ft, more slides and pools followed by a waterfall climb to finish off.

This is one of the big jumps on the Canyon Xtreme trip; BIG!

If you’re looking for a full day then Rock Climbing & Abseiling makes for a good session. We setup ropes on a few different routes of varying difficulty. You learn how to tie the rope safely and how to hold the rope for your climbing parter, plus we look at some climbing technique. Everyone usually makes it to the top of the 80ft face, and afterwards we setup an abseil down the middle of the 100ft drop of Main Slab.

Absolutely no expertise required for abseiling. Maybe some nerve though!

Activities for Families

If you’re in Snowdonia with your family or young children this easter, then your best options are either rock climbing/ abseiling, kayaking/canoeing or gorge scrambling. Children (as young as 4) are often excellent climbers, usually much better than the adults!

Canoeing is a nice relaxing activity and with 2 people to each boat, very young children can come out on this trip. We get the boats on the water (canoes and/or kayaks), learn a bit about paddling, and then set off to explore the clam river environment.

Canoeing and Kayaking, relaxing fun for everyone

Canoeing and Kayaking, relaxing fun for everyone

If you’re keen to get in the river then Gorge Scrambling is great fun; more suitable than canyoning for under 11s. We swim, slide, jump and scramble up the cascading woodland river!

Gorge Scrambling is a great adventure activity for families with young children

Wet Weather Activities

The weather in Wales doesn’t always shine, if you’re looking to do an activity that isn’t ever weather dependent (and is often better and more exciting in the rain) then gorge scrambling (families) and canyoning are definitely the best choices here. You’re going to get wet anyway so it makes no difference if it’s pouring with rain; get stuck in!

Canyoning when it’s raining and the rivers high. What better to do on a wet day!

How to Book Your Adventure

The absolute easiest way to book your trip is to Book Online. You can choose your activity, the session date and time (morning 9am or afternoon 1pm) and you can pay and receive all the necessary information by email immediately. Once you’ve booked you’ll be sent a confirmation email detailing the session you’ve booked, the location we meet and what you need to bring.

Got a Question?

If you’ve got a question then the quickest way to get in touch is to drop us an e-mail. Our e-mail address and a contact for can be found on the Contact Us page. We’ll normally get back to you within minutes or hours.

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