Gorge Scrambling

climbing the waterfall in the gorge ghyll scrambling with snowdonia adventure activities in north wales

Gorge scrambling is similar to canyoning and it's a great activity for families and people who aren't as confident in the water. It's easier and more relaxing than canyoning and the gorge we use is truly spectaular; you will think you're in Jurassic Park not North Wales!

snowdonia adventure activites take familes, adults and children on amazing adventure in the gorge

After getting kitted out with wetsuits, bouyancy aids and helmets there's a short walk through ancient oak woodland down into the deep valley. This valley is incredibly beautiful and it's a protected nature reserve. We arrive at an ancient broken stone bridge that once spanned the gorge and we get into a the river ool for a play around before we start scrambling up the river bed, working our way up the gorge. During the trip we swim through lovely rock pools, slide down natural water slides, climb through waterfalls and jump in to some of the deep pools.

gorge scrambling is a great day out for all the fmaily including adults and children swimming in the gorge river it's great for children in the gorge with snowdonia adventure acitivies there are slides, jumps, waterfalls, streams, swimming, jumping and lots of fun and excitement in the gorge in north wales with snowdonia advenutre activities