Rock Climbing & Abseiling in North Wales

Real climbing, outdoors, no experience required. Welsh Grit!

Rock Climbing & Abseiling

Snowdonia, North Wales; the birthplace of rock climbing! There are some amazing places to go climbing here and rock climbing is a brilliant activity that’s suitable for everyone (you don’t need to be strong or light or brave!).

We climb real rock, outside, on some of Snowdonia’s best crags and cliff faces. Our intro to outdoor climbing sessions give you the skills and confidence to conquer your fears and take on the challenge. No experience required!

Rock Climbing is normally combined with abseiling; during a session we aim for everyone to climb at least 2 or 3 routes and complete an abseil. Everything is optional though.

What to Expect

We climb at THE BEST single pitch crag in Snowdonia. Very few companies make the effort to travel to Barmouth but you will be rewarded (beware, some small cliffs used near Llanberis are substandard!).

You’ll be taught how to tie in to the rope, how to look after your climbing partner and you’ll be taught the techniques so you can climb the routes.

Our rock climbing sessions are aimed at people with little to no prior experience. If you already climb, great, we will get even more done! We focus on technique and ways to move more efficiently on the rock. If you’re in Snowdonia and you’d like a new challenge, rock climbing is guaranteed to tick the boxes.

Climbing Skills

  • Learn to tie a fig8 knot
  • Learn to belay (keep your partner safe)
  • Climb at least 2-3 routes
  • Progress in difficulty
  • Learn to move efficiently
  • Climbs for all abilities
  • Master new techniques
  • Complete the big 100ft abseil
  • Still time? More climbing!

Climbing Info

  • Adventure Rating: 3/5
  • Duration: 3hrs
  • Location: Barmouth Area
  • Age: 4+ Years
  • Fitness: 2/5
  • Rain Friendly: Ideally Dry!

What’s Included

  • Professional Instruction
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Safety Equipment

What You Need

  • Tight Fitting Shoes
  • Warm Clothes
  • Snacks
  • Sunglasses?!
  • An Open Mind For Learning

Bespoke Private Rock Climbing Courses

Courses Include: Trad, Sport & Alpine Climbing (Mountaineering)

We also run a huge selection of bespoke rock climbing courses in North Wales. Are you interested in progressing from indoor climbing to outdoor sport climbing? Maybe you’re looking to break in to trad climbing? Our tailor made courses cover the whole spectrum. Learn new skills and techniques that will take your climbing to the next level. Climbing is our main passion! We’re both very active climbers with a lot of experience, regularly climbing up to around e7 on trad and F8a on the sport.