Canyon Xtreme

North Wales’ Ultimate All Weather Adrenaline Packed Adventure Activity

Canyon Xtreme

If you’re looking for the most exciting, adrenalin packed adventure activity then the Canyon Xtreme trip is for you. This is our most popular adventure and is THE BEST commercial activity in Snowdonia. We use the best canyon in North Wales, with the biggest jumps and most obstacles.

Swim, slide, jump and scramble down the cascading mountain river. It’s great fun, packed full of adventure and you can push yourself to the limit. Descend waterfalls, throw yourself off a jungle cliff-face, surround yourself in nature.

What to Expect

We warm up on the best bits of the normal canyon trip (the top gorge, the big via-ferrata slides, the waterfall abseil/zip-line), then we carry on down the river to the ‘Xtreme’ section. This includes a mandatory slide off a 15ft waterfall to access the lower gorge, optional jumps from 15-40ft, another roped slide and further pools (experience the natural jacuzzi and Jurassic Park Jump) and finally scale the big climb out up the cascading waterfall stream.

You are guaranteed the wildest adventure in North Wales. Fortunately we run in basically all conditions so you don’t need to worry about the wind or rain!

Xtreme Obstacles

  • Ancient oak woodland
  • Plunge pool entry
  • Mini-canyon & slides
  • Roped cascade slide
  • Giant 200ft via ferrate slides
  • Waterfall abseil (sometimes zip-line)
  • Mandatory 15ft free-fall slide (off a waterfall)
  • Monster jumps 10-40ft (optional)
  • More slides & pools
  • Huge 200ft stream scramble out

Xtreme Info

  • Adventure Rating: 5/5
  • Duration: 3hrs+
  • Location: Blaenau Area
  • Age: 11+ *at discretion
  • Fitness: 4/5
  • Rain Friendly: Yes

What’s Included

  • Winter 5mm Wetsuit
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Buoyancy Aid

What You Need

  • Swimwear
  • Shoes (no sandals/ beach shoes)
  • Towel
  • Old Loose Shorts
  • An Appetite For Adventure!

Canyon Xtreme – The Absolute Best Canyoning Adventure On Offer In Snowdonia, North Wales

What Exactly Is Canyon Extreme in North Wales About?

Are you looking for the best adventure in Snowdonia? If you’re hunting for a canyoning trip with maximum adrenalin that’s guaranteed to push you to the limit then you’ve come to the right place. We specialise in running North Wales’ best canyoning adventures, and our Xtreme trip is unrivalled! After meeting with your instructor and getting geared up you’ll be guided to the start of the activity.

Expect lots of jumping in, swimming, sliding and climbing about. We will be in the river for approximately 1-2hrs and you’ll be experienced some monster features like the giant 250ft waterfall slide via ferrata, a waterfall decent (abseil or zip; depends on conditions and group size) and then we continue on to the lower section. This is where the adventure really begins!

The only way is down! We encounter the mandatory slide off the next waterfall. This will get the heart rate going; you’ll commit full speed to flying down this waterfall with a 5-6m drop in to the pool below. Don’t worry if you’re nervous, we’re here to safely guide you! Next you can test yourself on the optional jumps up to approximately 40ft. This is the main event! After more slides, pools, climbs and swims, we reach the bottom of the canyon. The only way to escape is via the huge waterfall stream climb. 250ft of steady but mind focusing climbing and scrambling. In the end we emerge in the forest above the canyon and head back to the parking area. There is no trip more extreme than this one; you’ll be talking about your adventure for years to come!

Is the Canyon Extreme Trip For Me?

Almost certainly! The guide age for our Canyon Extreme adventure is age 12+; we will accept younger children but not without a phone call first. The only mandatory part of the trip is the slide off the waterfall but in all honesty you can’t really see the drop so it’s not until after you realise what you’ve conquered! To complete the canyon adventure you need to be able to cope with around 2hrs physical activity. Whilst you don’t need to be ‘fit’, you do need to be happy with the 15 minute walk in, and the very steep 20 minute walk out. It’s physical!

Will I Find a Better Canyoning Adventure in Snowdonia?

The short answer is no! There are only a handful of rivers in the area that can be used commercially and the one that we use is the best one! The biggest jumps, the best waterfalls, we can run it in most conditions; this is the one to choose. Maybe you’ll find a slightly cheaper trip but you’re not going to find better value; be careful what you book! Our wetsuits are winter 5mm suits and in the shoulder seasons we use wetsuit gloves, socks and hats. We’re ultra experienced in the river and very good at keeping the team moving; this means more jumps and less getting cold (do not underestimate this element!).

Why Book With Snowdonia Adventure Activities?

If you’re unsure as to what or where to book, you’re welcome to get in touch for advice. We’re North Wales locals and have grown up in this area; we know all there is to know about Snowdonia and local advice is invaluable! If you’re still unsure, check out our Google and Trip Advisor reviews. We’ve got more than everyone else, despite the fact we’re a 2 person team and every single adventure is guided by us. We’ve also been running these adventures for longer than a lot of other companies = we’re well established and very experienced!