Canyoning in Snowdonia | North Wales

An Amazing Adventure – Whatever the Weather

Canyoning in Snowdonia

Come and join us on our Canyoning adventure here in North Wales. Canyoning is similar to Coasteering but it offers more variety and you’re in the mountains/river not the sea! The Canyon is more adventurous than the Gorge, but less adventurous than the Canyon Xtreme trip.

Situated in the heart of Snowdonia, we swim, slide, jump and scramble down the cascading mountain river. The obstacles are all avoidable if necessary and the scenery is spectacular. The river is set deep within a mountain gorge in a beautiful temperate rainforest environment. This activity is the perfect all weather adventure; it’s great in the sun, and even better in the rain! If you’re going to do one activity whilst you’re in North Wales, you need to choose the Canyoning!

What to Expect

Our canyoning adventure is aimed at families with children age 8-12 (approx). After getting kitted out in a (warm winter 5/3!) wetsuit, harness, helmet and buoyancy aid, we head down in to the canyon. Prepare for some breathtaking scenery!

We start off with a mini canyon section at the top, jumping in and going under ‘The Curtain’. There are some slides, pools and jumps up to 10ft high. After more sliding, swimming and scrambling, the canyon ends with a series of huge roped slides (via-ferrata style) that lead to the big waterfall. With a small group (<10 people) we abseil off the 10m waterfall, with a bigger group (and 2 guides) we sometimes finish with a massive 50m zip-line across the pool!

Canyon Obstacles

  • Ancient oak woodland
  • Plunge pool
  • Waterfall ‘curtain’ slide
  • Mini-canyon section
  • Roped cascade slide
  • Jumps 0-2/3m
  • Mini slides & rapids
  • Rainforest nature trail
  • Giant 200ft via ferrate slides
  • Plunge pool swim
  • 12m waterfall abseil (normally)
  • OR 12m waterfall zip-line (big group)

Canyoning Info

  • Adventure Rating: 3/5
  • Duration: 3hrs
  • Location: Blaenau Area
  • Age: 8+ *in average conditions
  • Fitness: 3/5
  • Rain Friendly: Yes

What’s Included

  • Winter 5mm Wetsuit
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Buoyancy Aid

What You Need

  • Swimwear
  • Shoes (no sandals/ beach shoes)
  • Towel
  • Old Loose Shorts
  • Some Bravery!