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What If The Weather Is Bad In North Wales – What Do We Do?

we rarely experience problems, but we have solutions!

Alternative Activity / Date / Convert to Voucher

Firstly, if you’ve booked a river based trip like Canyoning, you don’t need to worry about the weather. In contrast to something like Coasteering where you need calm enough sea conditions, our river trips generally run no matter what. We have a very high (99.8% or thereabouts) run rate! Very occasionally (during extreme weather) we may decide to rearrange, but that would be unusual.

If you’ve booked the rock climbing and abseiling, or kayaking and canoeing, we do ideally want fair weather. For rock climbing; rain is the enemy! For kayaking and canoeing, wind is probably the worst thing. We won’t cancel unless the conditions are dangerous, but if it’s looking unpleasant we may try to attempt a change of activity, time or date if it suits you. When things are looking bad (which is not very often) we offer these reasonable alternatives;

Change Activity

If you’re booked in for Rock Climbing and the weather looks awful, we may offer the Canyoning or the Underground trip as a good alternative.

Change Date

If you’re not interested in changing activity, we will do our best to accommodate you with an alternative date or time if possible.

Convert to Voucher

If changing activity, date or time is not an option, we can convert your booking to a voucher to use at a time in the future that suits you!

Plan for the worst: experience the best!

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We know it’s difficult to choose! If you’re undecided about what to do or who to do it with, check out all our genuine reviews on Google and TripAdvisor. Snowdonia is full of things to do; you just need to choose what’s right for your group. The good thing about North Wales is that nothing is far away. It doesn’t matter where you’re staying; chances are you’re within 30 minutes of us, 60 minutes maximum.

Not only do we provide amazing adventure activities but we also enjoy finding out what our customers have been up to whilst they’re in North Wales. Armed with this knowledge we can suggest other things to do whilst in Snowdonia. NOTHING beats local knowledge! We know all the secret spots (but we’re not going to ruin those by posting them online…) so come and find out for yourself.